Wow!  Instant fix!

Wow! Instant fix!

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The Wow! Instant Fix! is a unique and remarkable product designed to fix or seal anything in just five seconds! All you need to do is apply the solution on the surface and weld it by shining the UV light on it for 5 seconds, and the thing will be fixed!

Despite being in a tube, it’s not actually a glue, but more of a liquid plastic welding compound that hardens when exposed to the UV light.

What difference does this make?

The Wow! Instant Fix! makes your life much easier by allowing you all the time you need to re-position and perfect any joint. It is equally as strong, if not stronger than super glue, but unlike ordinary glue, there is no rush to frantically position the surfaces after applying the adhesive.

You don’t have to worry about the adhesive drying before the surfaces are positioned perfectly because it requires the UV light to bond.

No longer will you need to hold the joints together after positioning either, because it only takes five seconds to harden using the UV light.

You can say goodbye to ruining the great look of your product due to an ugly joint!

This advantage also rids you of the common problem of glue tubes getting their nozzles clogged up when their caps are left open and exposed!

Also unlike ordinary glue, the Wow! Instant Fix! isn’t sticky and messy,nor does it have the common smelly, caustic fumes. You will never have smelly and messy glue getting stuck on your fingers and in your nails!

Besides being able to fix broken furniture and toys, the Wow! Instant Fix! is also portable and lightweight. Carrying the Wow! Instant Fix! with you allows you to fix any broken eyeglasses, charger cords, or the strap of your leather handbag whenever you need, saving you from any of those unnecessary headaches.

The Wow! Instant Fix! is also perfect for crafters and hobbyists who’d love to make their own jewelry with rhinestones, or construct models and replicas.

If you’re looking for the absolute best in fixing solutions, your search is over. Wow! Instant Fix! is truly a game changer. 

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