Candle Musical Spinning Lotus Flower Rotating Happy Birthday Party Gift Light

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1. Material:Paraffin Wax,plastic
2. Use:Birthdays
3. Shape:Flower,Automatic flowering and Automatic rotation.
4. Type:Art Candle
5. Feature:Music,play the "happy birthday" beautiful melody
6. They are adopted with the newest techniques of remote electronic music

Operation Instructions:
1.Take our stick from box and light up stick by lighter
2.Use stick to touch gently the red dot at a horizontal angle of 45°,and colorful fireworks will spurt out (Do not light the candles with open fire)
3.If you want to stop the music,please cut the copper wire with scissors,(clear away the surplus candles and you will find an elegant handicraft).

You should be pay attention to your child when you light the candle,don't let it scare your child.Don't let the candle fall on the should operate as the instrcution correctly.
Please pay attention to fire protection

Package included:
1 x Rotatable Music Birthday Candle

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